20 ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO 10% GST, OR APPLICABLE RATE AS ADVISED. PRODUCT CATALOGUE EFFECTIVE JULY 2018. RESIDENTIAL DISINFECTION SYSTEMS Description: Chlorine and Bromine feeder. Manufactured from unalterable plastic materials (ABS). Approximate capacity: 3.5 kg of tablets. Lid closing with double safety system. Easy to operate regulation valves. For pools up to 60m3 with Chlorine and up to 30m3 with Bromine. Height: 405mm with 50/40mm connectors. Clear body for easy maintenance & refilling of tabs. Ordering: Please specify product number when ordering. Warranty Guide: Limited 12 months warranty. Refer to instruction manual and website for full warranty details. CHLORINE FEEDER SALT Model Product Code List Price In-Line Chemical Feeder 24429 $278.49 Purex Jumbo Tabs 200g (2kg) 030020PUR0 $55.67 Model Product Code For Sale only in Bag Size List Price Salt 10170 For VIC Sales 20kg Bag $26.54 Salt 10171 For NSW Sales 20kg Bag $26.54 Salt 10162 For QLD Sales 20kg Bag $26.54 Salt 10173 For SA Sales 20kg Bag $26.54 Salt 10164 For WA Sales 25Kg Bag $32.58 Description: UV Clarifier ensures that your swimming pool water will have amazing clarity, by killing the single cell algae that causes green water. The UV Clarifier unit has been designed using the latest design technology to ensure that the water will flow effectively within the unit, allowing the ultraviolet light to destroy the algae as it passes through. Ordering: The 55W unit is ideally sized for any pool up to 100,000 litres. For larger sized pools or commercial applications they can be installed in multiples. Warranty Guide: Limited 2 years warranty. Refer to instruction manual and website for full warranty details. CERTIKIN UV CLARIFIER Model Product Code Watt Ouput List Price Certikin 55W UV Clarifier 11401 55 $1,034.00