27 ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO 10% GST, OR APPLICABLE RATE AS ADVISED. PRODUCT CATALOGUE EFFECTIVE JULY 2018. RESIDENTIAL CLEANERS Product Product Code List Price Robotic Pool Cleaner Trolley 11726 126.45 For Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners please go to page 75 Description: Fully independent robotic pool cleaners relieves the load on the skimmer, pump baskets and filter, reducing maintenance and saving water by reducing back washes. All AstralPool robotic pool cleaners include AquaSmart software to reduce cleaning time for a faster clean. The inbuilt Gyroscope allows the cleaner to know where it is in the pool in 3D and prevents cable tangling. Bottom access filter bag models are ideal for areas with fine dust, while top access cartridge models are perfect for easy removal and cleaning of the cartridge in leafy locations. The RF Cleaner is floor only, while all other models are both floor and wall cleaning. The RPT Plus incorporates a programmable transformer that displays a warning when the cleaner’s filter is full and allows the cleaner to be programmed to operate while absent from home. Three cleaning cycles offers flexible cleaning times. It also includes a caddy for easy storage and transportation. Ordering: Please specify product number when ordering. Warranty Guide: Limited 2 year warranty. Refer to instruction manual and website for full warranty details. ROBOTIC POOL CLEANERS ACCESSORIES Product Product Code Pool Size List Price RF Robotic Pool Floor Cleaner 11716 60 m2 $1,412.00 Product Product Code Pool Size List Price RPB Robotic Pool Cleaner Bottom Access 11715 100 m2 $1,880.00 Product Product Code Pool Size List Price RPT Robotic Pool Cleaner Top Access 11701 100 m2 $1,982.00 Product Product Code Pool Size List Price RPT Plus Robotic Pool cleaner, top access, programmable transformer, caddy and remote control 11702 100 m2 $2,794.00