34 ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO 10% GST, OR APPLICABLE RATE AS ADVISED. PRODUCT CATALOGUE EFFECTIVE JULY 2018. RESIDENTIAL LIGHTS & WATERFALLS Model Product Code List Price SLX Niche Light For Concrete Pools 20M Cable 20342 $526.00 SLX Surface Mount Light 20M Cable 20347 $516.00 FLX light for Fibreglass Pools 20M Cable 20371 - FLX light for Fibreglass Pools 35M Cable  20372 - FLX light for Fibreglass Pools 50M Cable  20373 - Model Product Code List Price Connect Lite + 20364 $1,270.00 Connect Lite 20361 $630.00 Transformer 12 VAC 2 Lights 20340 $202.15 Transformer 12 VAC 4 Lights 20341 $287.27 SLX - RF Remote - 4 Channel 20362 $114.50 Description: Long Life UWL LED pool lights available with bucket for niche mount of surface mount configuration. Require 12VAC transformer and switch power supply on and off to change colours and transition modes. Easy and reliable synchronisation of multiple lights. Lights will also start on last colour or mode selection. Overmoulded heat sink disapates heat and lights will operate out of water without damage. FLX model specifically designed for fibreglass pools. Ordering: Specify concrete, fibreglass niche or surface mount and cable length. Warranty Guide: Limited 12 months parts and labour warranty. Refer to instruction manual and website for full warranty details. SLX FLX MULTICOLOUR LED POOL AND SPA LIGHTS LIGHT CABLE, ACCESSORIES, SPARES LIGHT AUTOMATION Model Product Code List Price SLX Replacement Light Kit 2.5M Cable 20345 $506.00 SLX Replacement Light Kit Fibreglass Pools 2.5M Cable 20346 $506.00 SLX Light Replacement- Suits All Models 20363 $424.00 Cable - SLX light 35m c/w cover, gaskets and screws 20344 $169.03 Cable - SLX light 20m c/w cover, gaskets and screws 20348 $122.67 Cable - SLX light 2.5m c/w joiners, gaskets and screws 20349 $65.42 Gasket light plug 20350 $3.25 Dress Ring Clear - Concrete Niche 20354 $15.49 Dress Ring Black- Concrete Niche 20352 $15.49 Dress Ring Grey - Concrete Niche 20353 $15.49 Dress Ring Clear - Fibreglass Niche 20358 $15.49 Dress Ring Black - Fibreglass Niche 20356 $15.49 FOR FIBREGLASS