76 ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO 10% GST, OR APPLICABLE RATE AS ADVISED. PRODUCT CATALOGUE EFFECTIVE JULY 2018. COMMERCIAL WATER TREATMENT Salt Electrolysis for public pools Salt water chlorinators for commercial pools are becoming popular because they are efficient, practical, safe and well priced. Our wide range of industrial electrolysis systems covers self-cleaning equipment of up to 600 grams/hour of Chlorine, which makes it possible to use saline electrolysis to treat the water at any public use facility. Main advantages: • Safety: There is no need to store, handle or dose any chemical products and therefore it is a much safer system. The raw material stored is common salt. • Savings: The introduction of saline electrolysis systems can bring net savings in operating costs of around 50-60%, with respect to traditional systems. Peristaltic pump not included. Contact your AstralPool representative for further details and pricing. Neolysis, the most advanced water treatment by AstralPool: Sustainability, Innovationm, Disinfection and Healthy. Advantages: -- Unbeatable water quality. -- Dual disinfection based on UV and electrolysis. Characteristics: -- Two options: low salinity of 2–3 g/l (Neo LS) and standard salinity of 6 g/l (Neo S). -- The ultimate in chloramine reduction capacity (UV LP + Electroysis). -- Self-cleaning electrodes that last 12,000–15,000 hours (NeoLS and Neo S). -- LP HO UV lamp (13,000 hours) -- Patented process. Contact your AstralPool representative for further details and pricing. AstralPool presents Heliox UV, a new automatic UVC light system, which guarantees double disinfection through a significant reduction in the amount of chloramines (bound chlorine) along with the neutralisation of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water by impeding their reproduction. The range comprises the Heliox UV LP model for private pools, the Heliox UV MP for public pools. Heliox-UV operation UV-C disinfection is a local treatment (UV chamber), which takes place as the water in the pool circulates through the chamber that contains the UV-C lamps. The accurate delivery of radiation (W UV-C) and residence time in the system ensure the effective neutralisation of 99.9% of microorganisms, as well as the reduction of chloramines to safe levels (<0.6 ppm). The advantages of UV-C technology UV ray treatment systems are completely automatic, with very low maintenance and running costs. They also have considerable advantages over other systems: • 100% of pool water is treated. • The disinfected water is free of unpleasant smells and does not irritate the eyes, thanks to a drastic reduction in the amount of chloramines. • Save money as fewer chemical products are required. • Environmentally friendly as less fresh water is needed (daily water renewal is reduced). Fewer waste by-products are formed, resulting in a reduction in subsequent water treatment. The UV-C equipment does not add any chemical products to the water. Contact your AstralPool representative for further details and pricing. SALT ELECTROLYSIS FOR PUBLIC POOLS NEOLYSIS FOR PUBLIC POOLS HELIOX UV FOR PUBLIC POOLS